High quality cannabis and marijuana seeds straight from Amsterdam. High THC, high female ratio, high germination rates, low prices, world wide shipping, credit cards accepted.

Winner of the Cannabis Cup in 1989.

A must for the grower with high ambitious intentions. The yield is legendary, producing massive buds with very few leaves. The smoke is smooth and the high is very strong. Will produce more than any other plant in the same space. Usually the lower branches collapse under the weight of the buds.

Big Bud 10 seeds EUR 35.00

Marijuana Strains

Afghani - Afghan Feminized - Amsterdam Indica - Aussie Blues - Azura - Big Bud - Bob Marley Sativa - Bob Marley Sativa Feminized - California Dream Feminized - Californian Skunk - Caramelicious - Charas - Cheese Marijuana Seeds - Cheese Feminized Marijuana Seeds - Citral - Crystal Rain - Durban Poison - Dutch Dope - Early Misty - Easy Rider - First Girl - Ganesha's Dream - Ganja Dwarf Lowrider Lowryder Marijuana Seeds - Ganja Dwarf Lowrider Lowryder Feminized Marijuana Seeds - Happy Outdoor Mix - Hawaii skunk - Haze - Hindu Kush - Le fruit Defendu - Light of Jah - Maroc x Skunk Special - Master Kush - Master Kush x Northern Light - Medijuana - Misty - New York City Diesel - New York City Diesel Feminized - Northern Light - Northern Light Feminized - Northern Light x Big Bud - Pride of Amsterdam - Purple Power - Shiva Shanti - Skunk Red Hair - Skunk Special - Strawberry Ice Feminized - Super Nova - Super Silver Haze - Super Skunk - Thai x Skunk - Waikiki Queen Feminized - White Buffalo Tatanka - White Queen - White Queen Feminized - White Widow - White Widow Feminized - Yoruba Nigeria

Wholesale and PrePacked Retail Cannabis Seeds Available NOW!

For all interested wholesalers, headshop, smartshop and garden shop owners in countries where selling marijuana seeds is allowed by local laws, we are happy to introduce Wholesale cannabis seeds and beautifully prepacked Retail Relaximo Marijuana Seeds. Get 50 quality RELAXIMO seeds for FREE with your first STARTUP RETAIL order! Only fresh, ripe cannabis seeds of modern, potent Dutch mature genetics that will grow and yield to make you and your customers proud.

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Big Bud Seeds

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